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Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Carapace of riverine traditions" etc., courtesy Surendran of ToI

First, thanks to Nanopolitan for alerting me to this pathetic op-ed on ToI.

I was disturbed on a leisurely Sunday afternoon by the writing of Mr. Surendran who shares his thoughts via the venerable rag of India, the Times of India (ToI), in this trashy op-ed Urban Lexicon. Readers - please read the article before proceeding.

My goodness, Surendran - your article itself is a veritable lexicon of words. Did you write your article with a thesaurus or dictionary open so that you can pick up strange words and force them into your article to sound learned? Or do you think and speak like that always? "Carapace of riverine traditions" - wow, that's a mouthful! I had to look up all these via dictionary.com while reading your article.

Surendran, I am sorry to say that using such strange words in an article does not automatically make the said article sound intelligent. You should first think (see, I didnt use 'cerebrate' in place of 'think') before writing.

Surendran, I find such wonderful examples of poorly-thought-out and even-more-poorly-written-up "ideas" in your article:

  • " ... computers and English. Indeed the two are really one. Click is an English word.
  • "As a matter of fact, in 2001 alone, the number of Indians flocking to the US was 70,290, making India the second largest source of legal migrants in the world. Clearly, Young India wants to be colonised."

Surendran, please don't get me wrong, but next time, try to think through your ideas and then express them through simple sentences.

OK, that's enough advice for Surendran.

Now, back to you, readers:

I seriously doubt we can change/educate the likes of C.P.Surendran or ToI. At least, let us change one of CP's sentences in the op-ed piece to "With what agility this article escaped the logic of the Times of India editor!"

FYI: Surendran has stated on record his egregious viewpoint that "there is no future in India. Money, fame, satisfaction, everything is in the West…. . See Disgusting Interview with Surendran.

I wish he would follow his own advice: "Write well or die. If you can't write well, go commit suicide. But keep your sanity while you write or die."

How do these nutcases get published in main stream media?!! What does this tell us about our main stream media?

A finer example of Macaulay's child you cannot see!


  • At 7:36 AM, Blogger Abi said…

    Hi: I am glad you agree that Surendran has written a pretty shitty article! He seems to be an assistant editor (see the interview) at ToI; it explains how he is able to get this trash published in that newspaper.


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