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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Explosives missing near Mumbai! Be careful!

In another scare-the-living-daylights-out-of-everyone incident, a consignment of over 100 tonnes of explosives has gone missing from a merchant ship off the coast of Mumbai! (See Explosives missing)

Complete report:

Mumbai/New Delhi: A consignment of over 100 tonnes of explosives meant for use by the Border Roads Organisation in Afghanistan has gone missing from a merchant ship, which set sail from Mumbai on December 22.

The captain and six crew members of the Iran-bound ship have been detained and are being questioned.

The explosives were meant for blasting rocks and mountainsides for the highway being built by the BRO to link Delaram with Kanadhar. Officials said the ship, sailing for the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, where the consignment was to be offloaded for being taken to the project site, had gone missing 10-15 nautical miles off Mumbai.

The Navy and the Coast Guard located the vessel just off the Mumbai coast on December 23 and towed it back under escort.

The captain claimed that the explosives, in five or six containers, had sunk in the sea in rough weather, the officials said.— PTI

This incident seems to be straight out of a Frederick Forsyth novel! The ship sets off from Mumbai on Dec. 22, the Coast Guard finds it still near Mumbai on Dec. 23 and the captain brings up the oldest saddest excuse that the containers were lost at sea!

Carrying such sensitive cargo, aren't the captain and his crew expected to notify the buyer/seller if it is lost in transit? Did they?

My guess is that the captain and his crew passed the explosives onto some terrorists off the coast of Mumbai. And now that the explosives are probably back in India, I don't think they are going to be used as fireworks for New Year's celebrations! Is something big (think "serial bomb blasts") being planned?

Watch out, people!


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