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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Garish (Red) Khare in The Hindu

In an op-ed (see Party time in Mumbai and Hyderabad) that stands out for its bias against the BJP in a style perfected by The Hindu writers, garish Harish Khare shows why he is the master of double-standards.

Towards the end of December, the BJP proposes to stage an elaborate celebration in Mumbai to commemorate the organisation's survival for 25 years. Then, in the third week of January, Congressmen are scheduled to congregate in Hyderabad for the party's plenary session.

See how masterfully he inserts the loaded word "survival" when he talks of the BJP's meet, yet talks about the Congress in matter-of-fact terms.

... the turmoil within the Shiv Sena has brought out the party-as-a-family-jagirdari dimension

WOW, this is unbelievable! Apparently we know of the "party-as-a-family-jagirdari" syndrome in Indian politics only from the Shiv Sena's recent troubles. The history of the Congress - Jawaharlal "I wanna be an Englishman" Nehru, Indira "is India" Gandhi, Sanjay "Freedom to have a family? No way!" Gandhi, Rajiv "Mein Banana" Gandhi, Sonia "I have been Indian all along, except for the citizenship part " Gandhi, Rahul "I could have been PM when I was 25" Gandhi; Laloo and Rabri; Farooq Abdullah and Omar; Mufti Mohammad and his daughter; Karunanidhi and Stalin; NTR, Parvathi, Chandrababu; ... my God I could go on and on. Harish Khare is either clueless or thinks we are clueless!

I was surprised, indeed a bit worried, that don't-Khare-if-I-sound-so-prejudiced had not mentioned his patrons the Commies so far into the article, but my worries were laid to rest when I saw the following soon after ...

The octogenarian Marxist from West Bengal remains an icon and a respected voice but he has becomingly allowed a new generation to take over the leadership role in the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Heh, he "allows" the new generation when he is more than 75 years old! How graceful!

Later on, probably realising that such biased tripe (about the Shiv Sena highlighting the p.a.a.f.j. dimension) cannot escape even the editors at The Hindu, he concedes the problems that dynasty poses for the Congress, but only so far as to say that the party will suffer in local elections! Oh, how sad! Nothing about democratic principles figures in the analysis of the Congress!

And the finisher:

... the two parties [BJP and Congress] are happy to be mired in the quagmire of a nine per cent growth rate ...

"Quagmire of a 9% growth rate"! This is fabulous stuff!


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