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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Hindu does it again! Don't just read the headlines!

"Special Correspondents" at The Hindu are really special, in that they can cook up headlines that have nothing to do with the underlying articles.

For an example, click the link below:
BJP-RSS differences to the fore

On reading the headline, one might expect to read about heated debates between the BJP and the RSS. But, if you go beyond the deadline and read the article, you can see that NOT A SINGLE DIFFERENCE has been highlighted or written about!

Indeed, there is mention of the strong ties between the RSS and the BJP, and how the RSS wants the BJP to be strong!

RSS joint general secretary Madandas Devi, who presided over the function, said RSS activists had no axe to grind, and all that they wanted was the BJP to be strong in the interests of the country.
The RSS, which did not want to join any political party, allowed some of its members to work for the Jan Sangh. "I am one of those functionaries," Mr. Advani said. He said the BJP was proud of its RSS links.

How low can The Hindu go?

Moral of the story: Read the whole news article. Don't just go by the headlines!


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