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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

News round-up: Dec. 14

Here are some interesting items from the paper edition of the Chennai edition of The Hindu dated Dec. 14, 2005:

A. Photos:

Looks like Reuters had a fantastic day y'day taking photos!

1. Manmohan "Daler Mehndi, who?" Singh arrives for dinner at the ASEAN Summit in KL

If there's one picture you should clip out from the paper and save for posterity, it has got to be this! PM-ji, with all due respect, what were you thinking? I know we Indians love gold, but isn't this a little overboard?

For readers: I searched on the web for a soft-copy of this image, but couldnt locate it! If I do find it later, I will link to it. Priceless stuff!

2. Troubled Waters: A protester afloat at the Victoria Harbour [after jumping in to protest against globalisation]

Who comes up with these nutty wild ideas? And where do they find people willing to follow-up on these ideas? How can jumping into the sea help?

B. Ad

On pg. 24, I saw an ad for Superstar's Sivaji The boss. I was quite surprised that they had released the movie so soon after the muhurth (launch) and went off on a train of thought whose premise was the technological prowess of the Tamil film industry (I will not call it Kollywood!). I came crashing down to earth when I saw the "SHOOTING STARTS TODAY" caption on the left.

Wow, is this the first time that an ad has been released to mark the first day of shooting? Can you imagine the amount of pre-release hype there is going to be?

C. Expansion of the phonetic alphabet (The link is actually to the New York Times, whence The Hindu has sourced the article.)

My attention was arrested by a very suggestive article on a very mundane item, thanks to the words "labiodental flap", "buzz ... capped by a faint pop", "... lower lip moving backward and forward ...". However, the flap is far less exciting than what one would believe. Go hear it - I certainly couldnt make out any buzz or pop. Can you?


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