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Friday, December 30, 2005

News round-up: Dec. 30

Lots of things happening towards the end of this eventful year:

1. Monkey and Man

No, this isn't about evolution vs. intelligent design!

A monkey bit at least 25 people in a residential area of Akola district in eastern Maharashtra, forest department sources said on Friday.
Forest department officials rushed to the area soon after they were alerted on Thursday and administered tranquilizer shots to the monkey.

It was later caught and released into Shahanur forest, they added.

What's missing in this report is the crucial aspect of the story! Did the monkey bite 25 people in separate incidents or was it a single incisive rampage?

At the end of the report:

Meanwhile, a wild boar bit a person in another part of the city on Thursday, hospital sources added.

The "meanwhile" at the beginning of the above sentence is simply delicious (no pun intended!).

2. So Spake Salem ...

Salem speaks out on underworld activities during narco test

Extradited gangster Abu Salem gave a wealth of information on underworld activities and even revealed details of incidents that happened 15 years ago during a narco-analysis test in Bangalore Friday, sources in the Forensic Science Laboratory and Anti-Terrorist Squad, Mumbai, said.

Salem was "unstoppable" during the three-hour test conducted at the Bowring Institute in Bangalore and has "given all the information that police wanted", the sources said.

The gangster, in sub-conscious state, also elaborated on the statement he made before the Mumbai police in which he disclosed the names of certain persons who were part of his financial chain of collection and distribution of money.

Great work done by the staff at the Bowring Institute, the Forensic Science Lab and the Anti-Terrorist Squad!

However, beware of "human rights/secular watchdogs" who will protest against the use of narco-analysis and say that such evidence is inadmissible in court!

3. Tapping Mulayam

Mulayam has accused Sonia of ordering tapping of telephones of senior Samajwadi Party leaders (including him) in Uttar Pradesh, with a view of toppling his government! (See Sonia tapping our phones: Mulayam Singh )

Some particularly interesting comments/allegations from Mulayam:

  • The intelligence bureau was being used for the purpose, as it had earlier been 'exploited' during operations Duryodhan and Chakravyuh in order to 'divert people's attention' from Volcker Committee report issue.
  • "Congress' history has proved that it could go to any length to defame its adversaries," he said, adding that former foreign minister, Natwar Singhm has been sacrificed to save the name of a particular family.
  • A similar campaign was also on against the other non-Congress chief ministers. The Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh, however, was their first target.
  • The move reminded him of 'Italian mafia culture'.
  • A core committee consisting of Pulak Chatterji, the private secretary of Sonia Gandhi had also been set up to oversee phone tapping operations.

And how does the Congress-led govt. respond to these serious allegations?

Joint Secretary (Internal Security) in the Union Home Ministry L C Goyal said the allegations were baseless.
[T]he Union Home Ministry on Friday conducted an immediate in-house probe and registered a case of criminal conspiracy and forgery against 'unknown persons'.

How quick these probes can be conducted, forgeries detected and unknown persons held responsible! Such is the efficiency of the UPA GoI!

4. California textbook controversy: counsel Suhag A ShuklaRediff Interview with Hindu American Foundation

Ms. Shukla provides a superb articulation of Hindu sentiments! A must-read!


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