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Monday, December 12, 2005

Operation Duryodhan - some questions

Ok, there's much hoopla about 'Operation Duryodhan', but I would love to know the answers to these questions, even if some of them may seem rhetorical ...

- Are you surprised that our venerable neta's can be bribed? Or that they are bribable for anything and everything, including asking questions? Given our glorious history of scams - Bofors, Harshad's suitcase, Laloo's fodder, the PVN era of urea, pickle and JMM, JJ's, Karunanidhi's, Laxman's, and the more recent oil-vouchers, why should be we surprised at bribes and MP's being in the same sentence (or camera footage)?

- Why is the list of 11 MPs so heavily loaded with BJP MPs (6 out of 11)? How were the MPs selected as targets for the sting?

- Why aren't our dear communist MPs in this list, if indeed the operation was aimed at all parties? Is it indeed true that our red brethren are beyond reproach when it comes to graft? Or is it that they were beyond approach?

- Who is allowed by law to conduct such sting operations? What are the guidelines governing such sting operations? If anyone can conduct a sting operation (against anybody), then under the guise of a sting, anyone can bribe with impunity, with the confidence that if caught, one can always claim that he or she is in the process of a sting operation!

- Who benefits most from this sting? If the MPs are dismissed by their respective parties, will bye(buy)-elections be held? Presuming that the voters vote out the incumbents, it would seem that the UPA will be very comfortably placed with the ouster of the BJP MPs.

- Timing-wise, the media-release couldnt have been better for the Congress, could it, given the heat it's facing regarding the oil-vouchers scam?

- When can we expect a sting operation on the media itself? How we would love to know what goes on behind closed doors in our "secular" media offices when they put together stories to suit their prejudices!

- Is there room for hope in that the bribed MPs delivered on their contracts with the bribe-givers? :)


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