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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Terrorist Attack in Bangalore! Professor killed, 5 others injured!

By now, you must have already heard about terrorists attacking delegates at an Operations Research conference in the Indian Institute of Science campus at Bangalore! A professor was killed and five others injured in this deadly attack. Is this the first attack on an educational institution in recent history?

The Hindu, in a bold display of political correctness blames "intruders" for this act in the following report Scientist killed as gunman opens fire in Bangalore).

OK, "gunman opened fire and killed scientist". That's like describing the events of 9/11 saying "boxcutter-men took control of planes and didn't land them properly, killing people"!

Narayana, please give us a break from this political correctness!


Security agency sources told The Hindu that they suspected the attack was the handiwork of a militant group, probably from Kashmir. The police found five magazines, believed to be from an AK-47 rifle, a used grenade, a live grenade and spent bullets in front of the auditorium.

Why "militant"? Why not "terrorist"?

Also, in the report

"Neither the IISc. Registrar nor the organising secretary of the conference informed us that there were 56 foreign delegates and 250 Indian delegates. They did not ask us for security," [Director-General and Inspector-General of Police B.S. Sial] said.


In view of threats from terrorist groups to attack vital installations and information technology firms in the city, the police had tightened security at important places.

What this shows is that it's important that both parties - the protector and the protected - are aware of the threats from terrorists! Although the police knew of threats to vital installations, the conference organisers were not aware and did not inform the police of the scale of their conference. But then, have we come to such a PATHETIC state in our country that we view academic conferences as terrorist targets?

P.S.: The Times of India rag has an interesting headline describing the terrorist attack:"IIT professor gunned down the day Salem was in Bangalore" . Bah, I will not even dignify that headline by deconstructing it!


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