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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

TN Politics - At its worst!

1. More on the stampede

Today morning when I read the newspaper I felt vindicated, as well as really angered. My gut feeling that the stampede (in which 42 poor souls were killed - see earlier post) could not have happened without an external agent provoking it was vindicated by this report in The Hindu. I had said earlier that I was inclined to believe JJ that miscreants were behind this tragedyMURDER.

Vindication transformed into anger when I saw that it was a DMK councillor who had provoked the whole episode. The report says

It revealed that Mr. Dhanasekaran and others allegedly spread rumours and were responsible for the tragedy.

A senior police officer said early on Sunday, Mr. Dhanasekaran, along with a few others, went round the streets in MGR Nagar announcing that Sunday was the last day for receiving flood relief tokens and that the distribution would start at 5 a.m

Of course, at the time of writing this, everything is still in the realm of allegation/suspicion, but the deafening silence from the DMK leads me to believe that there is much more behind the story than an allegation.

This dastardly murder of 42 people was planned and executed solely for political gains (see my post y'day regarding what the opposition in Tamil Nadu are gunning for). I hope ALL the people involved in this murder, from the ones who hatched the conspiracy to the ones who executed it, are punished severely - public execution will be too soft a punishment for these scoundrels!

The most annoying part of the report linked above is towards the end:

He [Dhanasekharan] was a heart patient and required treatment. The court told Dhanasekaran the grounds of his arrest. His counsel sought `A' class facility for him in prison.

2. Meanwhile, in bizarro world ...

See CPI(M) blames AIADMK activists, but The Hindu sugarcoats the CPI(M)'s stupidity

The State unit secretariat of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Tuesday urged the State Government to arrange long-term relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction measures in flood-affected areas "without shirking its responsibility." It also asked the Government not to attempt to divert people's attention by blaming Opposition parties for the tragedy.

Further, magnanimityfiscal irresponsibility from the CPI(M):

The party called for enhancing the solatium for the next of kin of the deceased to Rs. 5 lakh, apart from providing a Government job to a member of each of these families.

Demanding crop loan waiver and the disbursement of crop insurance in affected areas, the party asked the Government to provide 1kg rice and Rs. 25 a day to farm workers, besides implementing the food-for-work programme.

Rs. 25 a day for how many days? Blanket demands ...

3. Problematic Party Propaganda Philm

See DMK to seek court permission to screen party film

In his petition, Mr. Anbazhagan said the Government of Tamil Nadu, represented by the District Collectors and Superintendents of Police, was preventing the screening of the film in most of the districts. Only Nagapattinam district administration permitted screening of the movie, with a condition that it should not hurt the feelings of any individual of a community.

What a delightful condition (to block the screening) - the film should not hurt the feelings of any individual of a(ny) community!


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