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Monday, January 09, 2006

General Musharraf gives leadership tips to PM Manmohan

From Karan Thapar's interview of Musharraf on IBNLive:

President Musharraf: Yes it is because of the history. But history changes. I have said I trust Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, because I see sincerity in him. But I know that there are organisations within your government, agencies who work against this. I know that.

Now, if a leadership cannot be in charge and give their ideas and not allow the ideas to be dominated by organisations and agencies, then I am afraid we will never move forward. The agencies and organisations must be dominated by the leader and he must dictate the way forward.

Thapar: That’s the message you are giving to Dr Manmohan Singh, “be your own man, don’t be dictated by the agencies”?

President Musharraf: I am giving this message to all leaders including myself. Leaders have to dominate organisations. Ideas have to flow from them and the agencies and organisations, everyone goes along with those ideas. Otherwise he is no leader.

If the ideas come from others and the ideas that the leader or the thoughts that the leader has are dominated by the old hackneyed ideas of organisation and agencies who do not see anything in a flexible manner.

Musharraf has given our PM-ji what must be the diplomatic equivalent of a resounding slap.

PM-ji, enough is enough!

More analysis later!


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