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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Govt. of India and spine ...

Balochistan: India defends comment

When I read the following quote, I was led to believe that the Govt. of India (GoI)may actually have a spinal precursor, if not an actual spine!

``Why should there be inhibition on our side to say something on what is happening in our neighbourhood? A serious situation has been developing in Balochistan and when a reaction was sought, the MEA spokesman gave it,'' a senior government official said responding to Pakistan's objection.

However, such hopes were dashed when I read the following in the same article!

New Delhi insisted that the reaction it gave was ``quite restrained and reasonable'' and did not mark any departure from its policy on Pakistan.

Fantastic, this means that the GoI will continue with its peace-talks, bus-rides and "people-people contact"(1) policy of kowtowing to Pakistan!

(1) The "people-people contact" policy: India sends its liberal elite by the cartloads to Pakistan to meet Muslim elites there, while Pakistan reciprocates by sending its Islamic-fundamentalist terrorists to gun down Indian children, women, men.

Coming soon this year is the visit of the Indian cricket team to Pakistan. Watch out for those press plants touting and spouting "they are just like us ... they eat the same food ... they watch the same "Bollywood" trashmovies ... they look like us ..."!


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