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Monday, January 02, 2006

Gurcharan Das on Indian commies vs. Chinese communists

A guide to clear thinking

A must-read, with gems like:

Indian communists give fish to the hungry; Chinese communists teach them to fish.

Indian communists stall labour reforms, defend an unviable public sector, and advocate high interest on pensions. Chinese communists work hard to build exports and create an investment friendly climate.

India's communists fight for Ganguly's inclusion in our cricket team. More to the point, India's Leftists sacrifice merit in advocating reservations in education and jobs.

Hence, China will not only win gold medals at the Olympics, but it will create a society based on merit and excellence.

The only problem with the above is that Indian communists do not give fish to the hungry. They keep the fish in the name of the hungry.


  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger Shalivahan said…

    Don't even think of commenting about reservations. Before you gasp the social-justic hounds will barrage you with casteist labels. It has become impossible to talk about reservations in any rational manner. This mass sacrifice of meritocracy has further worsened the schedule caste/tribe inferiority complex and the casteist tendencies in our society in general. Besides desi marxists thrive on poverty and backwardness. Why will they support any development when they can have power without undertaking any efforts.

  • At 2:43 AM, Blogger Vinayak said…

    LOL !! on your end note !


    Happy new year. That was a nice post there

    Your blog made me think of Hindus and their status in the current Indian context.

    My blog Gudia, a Muslim girl and Ramdev ji, a Hindu male !! is on how the society defines the "weak" and who becomes the underdog !

    Gudia, a Muslim girl and Ramdev ji, a Hindu male !!

    Do you know Gudia ? As we watched Pranoy Roy give "Best Indian" to Sonia, the fireworks & Bihar on adverts instead of crime, Gudia died this new years eve [...] But for lip service none of the pro wife feminists & bleeding heart leftists did anything for Gudia. Neither Brinda Karat, nor Teesta Setalvad, nor Arundhathi Roy or her comrades worried about this poor Indian Muslim[...]

    Now to Ramdev. If you notice Ramdev ji, A Hindu Swami, has been hit and plastered all over. Ramdev seems to be from the other unfortunate half i.e. Hindu Male of India Just as muslim women are being tossed about by the powerful, so are Indian Hindu men tossed about. Be it Kanchi Shakaracharya or Ramdev, or Narayan Murthy or Advani, they are symbols of hope and achievement in their respective spheres. They are symbols of faith and were Ikons of Hinduism. These very men are under attack today.

    Why Baba Ramdev ?


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