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Monday, January 09, 2006

Mulayam's latest bombshell: Unbelievable, any way!

Cong. hatched plot to kill me: Mulayam

Close on the heels of Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh alleging the Congress tapped his phone lines, UP chief minister Mulayam Singh dropped another bombshell and said on Monday that the same party and a leading industrialist had hatched a plot to assassinate him.

"Prominent politicians who were not part of UPA were on the hit list of the Union government, which was willing to go to any extent to harass these leaders," he said.

Alerting Lohia Vahini — his army-in-red — he cautioned the party to remain on guard and urged them to turn up in large numbers during the January 29 rally in Lucknow "against the Congress deeds".

Unbelievable, any way you consider it! If what Mulayam says is true, the audacity of the conspirators is unbelievable; if what Mulayam says is false, his audacity is unbelievable! Has the Indian polity sunk to such abysmal levels that these politicians think they can get away with such stuff? A hit list? What is the Union Government - a mafia?


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