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Friday, January 20, 2006

NGO = No-Good Organisation

NGOs show concern over Imam's fate

[Mumbai's] so-called elites are at it again with their petitions. This time Mahesh Bhatt and company have come up in support of the arrested Imam of Mosque at Haj House. They say that the Imam arrested by the Mumbai Police's Anti Terrorist Squad should not be projected and publicised in the manner he has been.

At a press conference, the NGOs showing concern over media reports said that while the Government, NGOs and all concerned are struggling to ensure sustenance of communal harmony in Mumbai and at all other places, instances such as these damage the spirit of mutual faith and even though belonging to different religion trust among people who live together as brothers.

It was argued that whenever a person is arrested for his alleged involvement in a serious crime he need not be identified and projected as a person representing any religious community.
The wide publicity of the arrest and his relation with the Haj House has only created undesirable sense of fear, hatred and condemnation towards Muslim community as a whole. On any occasion when a priest from any faith is required to be interrogated in relation to any crime, the sensitivity and delicacy of the situation requires a very proclaimed approach. In this case it is projected as if the holy Haj House is a den of criminals.

I don't recall a single call for "sensitivity and delicacy" when the poor Kanchi Shankaracharya's were hounded by a state government hell-bent on jailing them and seizing the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam funds! One set of guidelines for the Hindus, another set for the minorities - this is the practice among the Indian state, the NGOs and the media!

What's up with Mahesh Bhatt and terrorism? This man is set to make a movie on (the London 7/7) terrorist attacks with a sympathetic view of the terrorists, and now this rallying to the support of an Imam charged with harbouring and conspiring with terrorists!

It would have been nice if the NGOs had been named in this report - it helps us keep track of a rapidly proliferating species. A common leftist/communist tactic is to have multiple organisations made up of essentially the same members - the benefits are many:
a) people can be easily fooled when a leftist cause claims the support of "numerous" organisations (as opposed to the support of 1),
b) the multiple organisations, all being linked, provide for an easy way to "lose" funds,
c) the members themselves can feel proud of serving multiple causes.

And, finally, I don't think "the sensitivity and delicacy of the situation requires a very proclaimed approach". Last I checked, "proclaim" means "declare" or "praise" - I don't think one would want to proclaim anything when you are dealing with a sensitive matter.


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