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Monday, January 02, 2006

On New Year Resolutions

Barbara Ellen has this terrible article on New Year Resolutions in The Hindu.

Don't read it if you get easily discouraged or depressed! :)

Lots of psychobabble in this article - examples:

  • Are we "butterflies (waiting to happen)" or "snakes" or "snails"? (For those dying to know, Britney Spears is a born "snake".)
  • The human soul is a boomerang that always comes back exactly the same shape, however hard and far away we try to throw it.

What an awful metaphor this "boomerang-soul" stuff! If you drop a boomerang ("throw it down") does it come back to you? Clearly, the direction of throw is important - not just the force of the throw! And the shape of a soul? Since when do souls have shapes? Why doesn't she just say "unchanging soul" rather than impose on us the boomerang metaphor?


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