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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Round-up: Jan. 19

1. View from across the border

Oh-so-appalling Indians

Thousands of Pakistanis including the enlightened citizen convey their gratitude to Mr. Iftikhar Rashid, Chairman (PEMRA) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority for banning foreign channels (Star Plus) which was negating the basic values of social/religious sentiments of Muslims in Pakistan. One is appalled by the social life style of Hindu society, where all married couples have illicit relations, encourage illegitimate children and ladies indulge in nothing but conspiracies, while their men folk stand like deaf and dumb stooges. The ban may have dismayed thousands of viewers but in the overall scenario such condemnable social evils must not be allowed to be aired. -MAJ (Retd) FATEH ALAM SHEIKH, December 27.

This is a Major's view! Published in The Nation - one of the leading newspapers of The Land Of The Pure! Note that the deranged Major does not refer to Indian society - he writes about Hindu society.

Think about it - will a bigoted rant like this about Pakistani Muslims ever be featured in one of the leading English-language papers in India? "NO" - why?

2. The Usual Suspects are at it again!

The headline for the article in the web edition is "Concern over personalised attack against Brinda Karat" while in the paper edition in Chennai it is "Groundswell of support for Brinda". Wonder why they chose different headlines?

Nothing to worry, though, the groundswell is made up of - hold your breath - 150 (yes, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONLY - no more trailing zeros) "scholars, academicians, artists, health practitioners and social activists"!

And the release contains the usual shrill phrases - examples:
"hate campaign"
"obscurantist forces"
"a high-pitched and personalised attack targeting [pseudo of the day]"
"right to critical and rational debate"
"untenable view"

Among those who have put their signatures to the statement are Jean Dreze, Armaity Desai, Prabhat Patnaik, C.P. Chandrasekhar, Githa Hariharan, Uma Chakravarty, Tanika Sarkar, Zoya Hassan, Utsa Patnaik, Molayashri Hashmi, Subhashini Ali, Indira Jaising and Sohail Hashmi.

There are 13 of the usual suspects in the above. What happened to the regulars like Bidwai, Azmi, Akthar, Roy? I suppose they do this on a rotation basis - after all, every one needs publicity every now and then, right? Publicity is the oxygen for these secular terrorists!

3. End "jungle raj" in Delhi: High Court

Unfortunately, the High Court is not talking about the UPA "Non-government"!

Hitting out at unauthorised builders, violators of building by-laws and encroachers on public land and extending further the scope for demolition of unauthorised constructions in the Capital, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to demolish all commercial properties on "Lal Dora" land and raze those properties first ``whose owners are in power and authority''.

4. If I had more energy I would comment on the daily dose of platitudes that we are subjected to, (like those below), but I don't. So more later!

"Zero-tolerance for corruption",
"No political interference in the CBI",
"Terrorism is the biggest threat"


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