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Friday, January 06, 2006

SP phone tapping: Amma wades in, Congress + Laloo evade!

Press statement of Jaya, after meeting Amar Singh

It is shocking and outrageous that the Central government has misused its power in tapping the telephone of a respected political leader citing all kinds of baseless grounds, which would apply to a dreaded criminal affecting the internal security of the country.
While this specific instance of tapping of telephones of political leaders has now come out into the open, I have all along felt that my telephones are being tapped by the Centre.

I have so far refrained from making this public because I knew that there would be a flat denial by the Centre.

Now, Shri Amar Singh has furnished solid proof that the Centre has organized the tapping of the telephone of an opposition political leader.

Good stuff, this being tapped all along, but not making it public!

What I dont get in this story is why Reliance Infocomm has been involved in tapping the Samajwadi Party leaders. Given the Ambani's strong links to Mulayam and Amar Singh, it's almost unthinkable that Infocomm would tap the latter - at whoever's behest. Unless, of course, the political equations/realities have changed or Anil Ambani had no clue about the tapping.

Laloo, who is not a big fan of Mulayam (I think it's got to do with the issue of which Yadav is the 'true representative' of the Yadavs), has stepped into the fracas in support of Sonia, and told reporters that Sonia was being wrongly blamed for the tapping.

Besides, he said the nation should know the content of the tapes and so there should be ‘public demonstration’ of its contents within a week. The RJD leader’s comments come a day after AICC General Secretary Ambika Soni felt that there was “something very serious in the tapes, which would cause them (SP leaders) dear in public”.

“The honourable Chief Minister and his fund manager Amar Singh are very tense and very agitated over what they are apprehending has been recorded ... Is it like operation Majnu,” Soni remarked on Wednesday.

It's remarkable that Sonia's chamcha Ambika Soni and Laloo are trying to distract us from the key issue. Unless there is a justifiable police/intelligence case for the tapping of Mulayam/Amar (say national security), it does not concern us what the latter spoke over the phones! And to hint cheaply at Operation Majnu shows the level to which Sonia and the Congress will stoop!

Meanwhile, Amar Singh declares boldly that he is not afraid of blackmail! That's the way, Amar, stand up to Sonia!

Under Congress attack in the phone-tapping issue, embattled Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh on Friday demanded that the tapes purported to show him in poor light be made public and alleged that a big industrialist and a journalist-turned MP were involved in the "conspiracy".
He claimed that at least 60 tapes involving leaders of different political parties, including that of BJP and Congress were in the possession of Sonia Gandhi and said he would be meeting non-congress leaders to caution them.

The mind boggles at the implications if it turns out that Amar Singh is speaking the truth!

Time for an independent inquiry commission to find out and tell us the truth!


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