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Monday, February 27, 2006

Nehru-Gandhi Bootlicking at Rediff Continues ...

A while back when I had written this post lamenting the low standards of Rediff, I received a comment from someone who goes by the self-proclaimed epithet "Non-partisan". I reproduce the comment below.

Sad. Very sad... To excoriate something/someone without providing all the facts calls for some blind hate and/or wilful misunderstanding.
An excerpt from a book about a powerful, if tyrannical, Indian leader is perfectly legitimate, one would think. Even if it is written by a sycophant.
Indira Gandhi is pariah enough in media circles - given her censorship among other things - that few of its members would risk extolling her. And rediff has often discussed the excesses she and Sanjay Gandhi indulged in, without reducing the exercise to a witchhunt.
To make it sound as if publishing the excerpt means rediff supports Indira Gandhi is worse than just unfair behavior, it's the sign of a mind that wants to lean reality its way.

Now, the N-G bootlicking at Rediff has gotten so pathetic that the portal is observing the day that "thirty-eight years ago on February 25, Rajiv Gandhi wed a shy, Italian girl, with warm, doe eyes, at 1, Safdarjung Road in New Delhi in a simple ceremony".

Dear "Non-partisan", hope you start recognising your mind's tilt before you find fault with others'. Perhaps your "non-partisanship" is much like India's self-styled "secular intellectuals" whose only claim to secularism is declaring others as non-secular.

Please excuse me while I go puke ... Perhaps when I return I will have the physical poise to dissect the piece ... the retching takes a violent toll on the body ...


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