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Monday, February 06, 2006

What's more important?

What concerns you more:
a) the length of Sania Mirza's skirt? or
b) the promise of equality before law?

If you were anyone other than an Indian Express editor, I would expect your answer to be "b) the promise of equality before law".

Although I am glad to hear that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) rubbishes the fatwa on Sania's short skirts, I would be much more interested in knowing what the AIMPLB's opinion is on the Uniform Civil Code! The Indian Express, however, presumes otherwise. Thus, the Indian Express headlines a report on the meeting of the AIMPLB with the latter's opinion on the critical issue of the length of Sania's skirt.

What does the AIMPLB think about the Uniform Civil Code?

Following the meeting of its 'Islah-e-ma'ashra' (reforms in Muslim society) committee yesterday, the board also demanded abolition of Article 44 of the Constitution pertaining to uniform civil code.

"The uniform civil code was against the spirit of the Islam and hence it should be abolished," Maulana said.

"As long as this article remained in the constitution there would be a possibility that it could be enforced one day. It should either be abolished or Muslims should be exempted from it," he said.

Nizamuddin said the Muslim personal laws were governed by the 'shariat' and no one could make any change in them.

Dear Maulana, what is the point in having a Uniform Civil Code and exempting Muslims from it?

The report goes on to say:
Maulana said that the meeting was attended by 70 odd participants who expressed serious concern at the social evils that had crept in the Muslim society.

The issues that came up for discussion at the meeting included lavish expenditure during 'nikah' (marriages), demand for dowry, divorce and girls education besides others.

Maulana said the board would launch a programme to eradicate the social evils from the Muslim society.

I hope and pray that the issue of "girls [sic] education" is not a social evil to be eradicated from the Muslim society!


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