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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brinda Karat and Maxim

Hardly had it recovered from a Rs 3 crore lawsuit for doctoring and publishing a skimpily-clad photograph of South Indian actress Khushboo, that another storm has come its way. And this time, the magazine is in for a 'dressing down' from Parliament.

The UPA Government is contemplating issuing a notice to the magazine for allegedly creating morphed pictures of CPI(M) leader general secretary of All India Democratic Women's Association, Brinda Karat.

The photograph, that showed Karat dressed in skimpy clothes and boxing gloves, had created a storm and the magazine offices were reportedly raided by the Delhi police.

Hmm, what about freedom of artistic expression? You know, the excuse that is used to defend pervert M.F.Husain when there is outrage against his lewd paintings of Hindu deities? The Congressi and Left pseudo-seculars can't really allow freedom of expression when that expression is used to caricature them.

More delight follows in the same report:

"The Minister of Information and Broadcasting shall not sit with his eyes shut if the honour of the Indian woman is compromised. I can issue notice to such magazines," the Minister, Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi said.
"I strongly condemn this. We are quite aware of the matter and watching it closely", Dasmunsi said.

Heh, looks like the Minister is quite the voyeur!


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