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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Economics of Plying Autorickshaws

On an autorickshaw ride yesterday I gleaned info on the economics of driving autorickshaws for a living.

Take a case where an autorickshaw driver hires his vehicle from someone on a daily basis (rather than owning one of his own). Here are typical numbers for expenses (I have indicated within brackets whose responsibility it is to pay):

Daily Rental: Rs. 130 (Renter)
Daily Petrol: Rs. 150 (Renter)

Any expense under Rs. 50 (Renter)
Any expense over Rs. 50 (Owner)

Yearly insurance for the vehicle: Rs. 2000 (Owner)
Fuel efficiency: 25 KMPL (Even 30 KMPL for new vehicles)

The auto-stand works on a queue basis.
With the above expenses, a "good day" is one which brings in revenues of Rs. 500 or more (for a profit of Rs. 200 or more).

My driver mentioned that he works daily, except when he is ill.


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