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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Indian pseudo-secularism: reading material

1. Secular Myopia: K.P.S. Gill in Outlook

Please read this brilliant article of Shri. K.P.S. Gill in Outlook. Excerpts:
The Indian politician, it appears, is entirely uneducable, incapable of learning from history. Today, virtually all the parties in India are divided into two broad camps - the 'communal' and the 'secular'.
But the 'secular' parties are, in fact, anything but that; they practice an insidious and opportunistic 'reverse communalism' that has historically done incalculable harm to the nation, and continues to undermine India's progress, security and stability.

Shri. Gill does not mince words when it comes to the champion of the pseudo-seculars, Gandhi. Read on ...

This blindness [in recognising Muslims are not a monolithic block] has afflicted Indian politics for decades, and the affliction has extended to some of the nation's greatest leaders. Gandhi, the Mahatma on so much else, was utterly wrong in his orientation to the Muslims and this was abundantly clear even in his first major and disastrous intervention in the country's politics, the Khilafat Movement.
In the wake of the collapse of the Khilafat movement, the Moplah Rebellion broke out in Kerala, with Muslim mobs inflicting untold savagery and rapine on Hindus. Gandhi first denied these atrocities and later, confronted with incontrovertible evidence, described the Moplahs as "god fearing" people and declared that they "are fighting for what they consider as religion, and in a manner they consider as religious".

It is these double standards that created India's eventual partition. Regrettably, they survived that catastrophe, and continue to dominate India's 'secular' polity even today.

2. The BJP's Shri. Pramod Mahajan asks why the Left were opposed to India's nuclear program (when the NDA was in power) but are now supporting Iran's nuclear program.

Simple: the Left in India (please note that I do not say "Indian Left" since that might be misinterpreted to mean leftists who are Indian in spirit) will oppose any action that is in India's interests, will support any action in China's interests, especially if it hurts India's interests.

3. PM to hold talks with Left, Muslim leaders (IANS)

From Khaleej Times online 5 March 2006

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh will meet Left leaders and Muslim scholars shortly to explain to them the benefits that will flow to India from its nuclear deal with the US and dispel any apprehensions they may have about its ramifications or American intentions.

High-level cabinet sources said Dr Singh has expressed concern to his alliance and Congress party colleagues about the widespread protests around the country against the visit of President George W. Bush. He feels the need to reach out to the Left, which supports the alliance from outside, and Muslim intellectuals to tell them that the deal was in the overall benefit of the country.

Hey, Manmohan, why are you specifically meeting Muslim "intellectuals" to convince them of the deal? Why not Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Christians? Don't others also need to be convinced?

Dear reader, aren't you disturbed by the UPA Govt.'s blatant pandering to Muslims? Have you heard of dhimmitude?


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