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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rediff's Sheela and Sonia's Resignation

More biased (pro-Sonia, of course) coverage of the sham of Sonia's resignation: this time, courtesy Sheela Bhatt writing on "How Sonia cut her losses".

Given how the Congress' witch-hunt targetting Smt. Jaya Bachchan has boomeranged against itself, a more appropriate title for the report should be "How Congress cut its nose to spite its face"!

Enough of that! Let's proceed to the text of the article.

There is much of the usual tarring of the BJP, e.g.:

The BJP's shrill propaganda ...

Without losing a moment, Leader of Opposition L K Advani and other BJP leaders revived fears of the June 1975 Allahabad high court judgment that was the catalyst that led to the imposition of Emergency.

There are the visions of sacrifice, probity, sainthood, all that's good in this world, e.g.:

Sonia Gandhi, who had told the nation convincingly on May 18, 2004, that her "inner voice" compels her to forsake the prime ministership, now faced a test where the depth of her inner voice was being doubted.

There is anger at how the Congress can be so stupid to mess things up for its leader, e.g.:

The stupid thing about the whole episode is that the entire mess was of Congressmen's own making. And the only way out of the mess was for Gandhi to resign.

The villiain [sic] of the piece once again was Law Minister H R Bhardwaj, who mishandled the internal discussion among members of Parliament over some kind of changes in the Members of Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Act of 1959.

And back to the gushing praise of and awe-struck wonder at the stature of The Saint of Sacrifice:

Some would term her decision to quit as as a panic reaction but Mrs Gandhi is not one to mess around with the family's credibility to which she herself has hugely contributed since May 2004. Since the last two years she believes that she is above politics and that she has a special role to play in India's public life. By default the BJP gave her a chance to prove this point once again.

What Sheela says is if you (dear reader) think that Sonia panicked, you are wrong. St. Sonia is above panic, she is above Indian politics (and law, if only the Constitution would allow it). Seriously, when such things (above, special role in politics) are written about (and proclaimed by) The Saint (herself), aren't you reminded of missionaries who claim they are here and in it only to save our wretched souls?

Mrs Gandhi has once again projected her moral edge against the existing lot of politicians.
Before and after her resignation Mrs Gandhi remains the most powerful person in the government and outside. So what's all the fuss about?

What's all the fuss about? Well, how about the fact that Sonia has illegally run the country for 2 years from a spurious council and there will be no punitive action against her and her cronies (including Manmohan)? If a corporate officer resigns when his financial crimes have been uncovered, won't the law still go after him? What action can we expect against Sonia? Let's see, how about: NONE!

You know what I am eagerly awaiting? The sacking of Somnath 'Minibar' Chatterjee! It's about time someone deflates that pompous balloon.


  • At 3:40 AM, Blogger Sujai said…

    To illustrate how these resignations and sacrifices are actually resulting in more power, I wrote a hypothetical news item from future.


  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger EkSh00nyaSh00nya said…

    It seems that Rediff is competing with the usual bunch of Congi bootlickers viz Trash Paper of India (TOI), HT, IE etc 2 show how much spine it lacks 2 call a spade a spade as well as bending backwards 2 pls the powers-be happy, 'coz its a foregone conclusion that the Italian Barmaid would be back soon and then will let by the fury of vendetta known to all and sundry that u mess with her @ ur own peril...Jaya Bachchan's episode is a living example.

    Wait and watch....

  • At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Remember the story of the mongoose from Mahabharata? The same mongoose who returns disappointed from Yudhisthirs Rajsuya yagya. Despite all sorts of 'daan-punya' the mongoose fails to turn his entire fur golden, which is half so when he accidentally rolled in the remains of grounded flour at the house of a poor Brahmin family. It so happens that the poor family is about to eat the lasts of their grain while there's severe shortage of food. In comes a hungry stranger and without second thought the family happily shares it all with that one person. Its the power of that supreme sacrifice that the mongoose gets the golden fur on that part of body which touched the few remains.

    If only that mongoose lived in today...

    So folks, after 'danveer' Karna who?


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