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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wasteful Elections Brought on by Sonia: What Can We Do?

Last week we were subjected to Mahatma Sonia's resignation and the subsequent drama enacted by her minions in her party and the media, portraying an act of shameless selfish self-preservation as one of high scarifice.

The New Mahatma had declared that she was resigning because it was the right thing to do. The right thing, since she did not want to be found out and sacked by the Election Commision, not because of any new-found sense of probity.

We also heard from Sonia that although she had resigned her post as a Lok Sabha MP, she was going to contest elections AGAIN to become the MP from Rae Bareilly AGAIN. And we heard from her various stooges that the people of Rae Bareilly would deliver the verdict, absolving her of all (alleged) guilt, and The One could return to Parliament for our sake.

Now as easy as it seems for the Congress party (the UPA Govt.) to call elections at will against established constitutional norms (e.g., Bihar, now), it is extremely difficult for the rest of India to be subjected to frequent elections. Understandably, since elections cost our developing country a lot of resources: money, time, energy, people - resources that could otherwise be devoted to bettering public welfare. Now to the Congressi, 'public welfare' may mean the welfare of the First Family (no, not that of Prime Minion Manmohan Singh). But to most sane Indians, the appeasement of Sonia's easily-bruised ego is not a good enough reason to call for elections.

And what exactly will the elections achieve? The expected result is obvious: Sonia will win and become the MP again. How does this absolve her of the unconstitutional act of holding offices of profit while being an MP? Or by then will the unprincipled alliance that passes for Govt. have already passed a law exempting Sonia? And are the congressis hoping that the EC will not rule on the current petition filed against Sonia because she has resigned her MP position?

I can understand if mid-term elections are held because the sitting MP has had to resign because he/she cannot hold office any more and SOMEONE ELSE will be elected as the new MP. But this is ridiculous!

Have you ever heard of elections being brought on mid-term by an MP to elect his/her own pious self again from the same constituency? Oh wait, let me take that back: we are talking about Indian democracy, where the egos of the politicians are larger than the public treasury ...

At least from now, can we stop wasting public money on frivolous elections?

How about putting together a petition that can be the basis of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) preventing MPs/MLAs (and their families) who have resigned their offices from contesting elections brought about by their resignation?

C'mon, Indian blogosphere, let's bring about a change for the better in India's sorry political scene ...


  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger EkSh00nyaSh00nya said…

    >>Oh wait, let me take that back: we are talking about Indian democracy, where the egos of the politicians are larger than the public treasury ...

    Very good indeed... LOL!

    Sad state of affairs sigh!...

    Hope the gullible Indian masses can c thru the charade enacted this time and get rid of IB (Italian Barmaid) 4 good...I know just a wishful thinking on my part, but a thought indeed :-)


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